Poetry: A Ghost Bride’s Tale…

Post by Eternalgoth

As the sun sets, awaking the twilight at dusk,

She wears her perfume, the soft gentle musk.

The rays of dark shadows, grow silently each moment,

As hued as her hair and eyes, they grow sullen.

Steadily, the earth is wrapped in a nightly crown,

White and misty, like her wedding gown.

She walks, with the evening Lark,

Silent,  but determined in her task.

The Ghost Bride walks her path again, as she did before,

She waits mysteriously in the passing night, as she did before,

Her spectre enchants every passerby, who gazes at her surreal beauty,

But her eyes are bloody red, telling an unspoken story of murder and cruelty!

She waits for her long lost love, as she promised she would,

Doing all in her power to keep her promise, her love, as strongly as she could.

But the hallowed earth, her home, reminds her of the horrors.

Oh the horrors! That had befallen upon her in her life, increasing her soul’s sorrows.

She awaits silently now, for her lover,

She knows now ,he can’t run for cover,

For her betrayer, her murderer, would never see the light of the day’,

Just as she never saw, what lay beyond that sweet spring evening of May.

The evening, when she made her promise to love and protect him,

That unfortunate evening, when he delivered her to the reaper’s Grimm …

He now runs, when the night makes her ghostly vision clear,

For everywhere he runs, he sees her in the enveloping mist…he now knows the end is near…

But the bride is caught up in a divine smile…oblivious to his fear,

She moves through the fog, once again, wanting to be near.

Her hands reach up to him, to catch him in a sweet embrace,

He looks into the fire in her eyes and knows that he, long ago, had fallen from grace.

Before he realises the moments pace,

Twitch! and her angelic arms shatter his spine, his lifeless form falling through space…

His ghostly form rising from his body, and yet again, he knows he can’t ever escape!

For his bride pierces deep into the depths of his murderous, wretched soul..

And haunting him through all eternity, that being her dying but final goal…

Though once in life, she promised herself to him who betrayed her,

Swore to do right by the one who left her at the Reaper’s Door…

Content, now that she has had her revenge, her spirit dissipates through the fog,

But the melancholy returns, her voice gives out a soft sob…

Her haunting eyes speak tales of broken dreams and unfulfilled wishes,

Of unrequited love, of a tale which is humanity’s most malicious!

Her heart ,in her grave still beats with the church bell…

She now know’s her power, her purpose in death, her shadowy spell!

With which she promises to watch over every bride-to-be.

She fades in the moonlight, giving birth to legends, the world would soon see..



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