F*ck Your Rules And Games: Why Playing Hard To Get Will Get You Nowhere

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It shouldn’t be about games

In dating games, no one wins. Playing is the thrill, but it always ends up with a scattered board or someone quitting too soon.

The main cause of this is that men and women are usually playing two different games.

Women are playing “Chutes and Ladders” and men think they’re playing Twister” (no, please don’t put your hand there!).

Why deny yourself something you want

The only thing that occurs when you play the hard to get game is you forget what you’re trying to get.

You’ve waited so long to see someone that it no longer interests you the way it once did. What was so great about this person again?

Is she hotter than this girl? I can’t remember… It’s not about making someone wish he or she knew you, but getting to know someone until that person wishes he or she never had to leave you.

We could be dead tomorrow

It may be a cliché, but it’s a true one. We really never know when it could be the end for us, so we may as well live like there is no end, right?

The moment isn’t there to throw away, it’s to embrace and fill with all the things you can accomplish and enjoy while you’re still alive.

Wasting all those moments yearning for something that’s right in front of you is just denying yourself a life your deceased self will kick you for.

You figure out if it’s worth it sooner

Rather than spending months only looking at small parts of this person, you see everything right away. You know his or her quirks, habits and flaws.

You can decide right then if you’re ready to accept them all or need to back out.

Instead of spending all that time making yourself as elusive as possible, you show this person what he or she needs to know and either move forward or move on.

You beat all the awkwardness out

You spend the entire week together getting all those inevitable awkward moments and first times out of the way rather than letting them happen slowly and analyzing them constantly while apart.

There’s nothing that really kicks the dust off your baggage than unpacking it in front of someone all at once.

Because waiting all that time won’t make you feel better when the sex is bad

Don’t you want to know right now if it’s even worth it? Because we all know, if the sex is bad, there’s just no going forward from there. Why wait forever only to find out something you wish you knew long ago.

Why waste all your time with the foreplay to still curse that horrible, awkward night?

Because that’s how you hold down a relationship

Holding down a relationship isn’t about chasing one, it’s about working on one.

It’s not about sending mixed signals and meeting once a week for coffee, it’s about opening up and creating a foundation that’s strong enough to endure the hard moments that will inevitably come, not the moments you refuse to let happen.




  1. Codeface not all girls have traps some honestly and genuinely like /love the guys but end up hurt by their asshole attitude some never call back or act like they care and never keep their promises. Guys play games too alot. That’s why they will end up losing the girl that genuinely loves them because the assume she is trying to “destroy” them.


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