Jury Duty (Solved)




  1. Deleting her not guilty although she probably had her reasons. He didn’t say she told him she was a virgin maybe she’s a “bad girl gine good” or she was raped who knows. But Posting her nudes nigar that’s taking it too far so GUILTY.


  2. Well @ shadows I think she deserves to be dumped like I said before but posting her nudes was going too far. Whereas its not like he didn’t finally have sex with her. Ok what if she was raped and she was too scared to tell him??? Or it was a stupid mistake that she couldn’t take back???? Dumping her was punishment enough.


  3. I’m saying he is guilty because he went too far. If he really loved he he wouldn’t post her nudes all over Twitter. Do you have a girlfriend shadows? And would you do that to her without knowing her reasons? Its not about Females supporting other females if she lied to him saying she is a virgin when she wasn’t then she’s a hoe but if she made a mistake or was raped then she doesn’t deserve it


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