Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Favorite Color

By: Brittany Cox

We worked very hard to include EVERY color in this list.

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You are always high energy and don’t let your boyfriend waste valuable time lounging around! You drive people to go on adventures.


You were single for a long time before dating, and so you approach your relationship with caution and care. You think things though and are careful with your heart.


You have a heart of gold and would constantly go out of your way to help your boyfriend.


On the outside, you are sappily sweet to your boyfriend, but you are VERY willing to call him out on his shit.


You are the girlfriend that every boy loves to cuddle with. You literally make your man melt in your arms.


You try to be the chill girlfriend, but you actually take your love and relationship very seriously. Once someone gets you to admit that, you are much more relaxed and happy.


Your dream date would involve old-fashioned dancing with your man.


You are the girlfriend always bullying your man to eat better and exercise (good for you)!


Your exes would say that you were really cold, but they never actually took the time to get to know you.


You are the epitome of confidence. You know what you want in a relationship, and you’ve had a lot of boyfriends because nobody has quite given it to you yet.


You want an old-fashioned love that goes long and deep. You aren’t interested in casual dating or hookups.


You need to date a man who’s okay with getting made fun of. Because he’s going to be — a lot.


You are the badass in your relationship. You probably make more money than your boyfriend.


You are the chill girl. You don’t stress about your relationship, and you have a casual confidence in yourself and your relationship.

Blue Green

You are very quick to change attitudes. When your man is treating you write, you are VERY love-dovey.

Blue Violet

You love having sex. You just do.

Bondi Blue

You are the girlfriend who loves to surprise her man with little gifts and small signs of affection.


You are the girlfriend who has been through shit. You’ve seen your fair share of bad relationships, so you guard your heart carefully, but are incredibly loving underneath.


You’re literally tough as nails. If you and your boyfriend got in a street fight, you’d probably be defending him.


People say you’re boring, but just because you prefer to stay in sometimes and cuddle doesn’t mean you’re not interesting!!


You are the person in the relationship who knows how to take care of the car.


You want to be taken to a fancy dinner. Wining and dining you is an absolute must!

Burnt Orange

You have a laugh that’s contagious and makes your boyfriend want to laugh along with you. You always lighten the mood and make every day just a little more cheerful.

Burnt Sienna

Your boyfriend wants you to stop buying candles but you won’t.

Burnt Umber

You are the hard-to-get-girl. You resist all advances until you are 100% sure you’re in love.

Camouflage Green

You are skilled at adapting to any situation. If your boyfriend is sad, you are a great cheerleader. If he is being stupid cocky, you are great at bringing him back down to earth.

Caput Mortuum

A lot of the time you fall asleep during sex.


You can be very insecure about your relationship, but that’s just because your love is insanely big.


You are the brave one in the relationship.

Carrot orange

You are an incredibly picky eater, to the point where your (great) boyfriend knows exactly what to cook you for dinner on date nights.


You’ve had sex in a lake before, and it was really hot.


Your boyfriend thinks you have an attitude. He is right.


The biggest fights you and your boyfriend get in somehow always involve spending too much money (treat yo’self forever).


Your dream date night is cuddled up against your man with a (big) bottle of wine.


You are the mysterious “hard to read” girlfriend, and you like it that way. Your heart isn’t an open book until the man has EARNED that status.


You are obsessed with men and the male figure. Your boyfriend is HOT, and he thinks you’re hot too!

Cherry Blossom Pink

You are the sweet-as-pie girlfriend who really just wants a happy relationship. You don’t give a shit about #RelationshipGoals or Instagram posts. You just want your special someone.


You’ve gotten in a bar fight over your man before, and you don’t regret it.


Your boyfriend thinks you like sweets more than you like him. He might be right.


You have a fiery temper that can go off at any time. Your boyfriend knows to let you rant and cool down.


You want a sweet, adventurous relationship. You’re the type of girlfriend who wants to be taken on adventurous and cool nights on the town. It isn’t enough to stay in and cuddle, you want to go out and explore!


You are a calm, reliable girlfriend. Nothing phases you, and you have an icy calmness and is reassuring and helpful — especially when your man is going through shit.


You know how to fix pretty much anything, and your boyfriend calls YOU to kill insects.


You play an instrument and frequently use music to express your feelings in a relationship.


You expect your boyfriend to use sex toys in bed.


You love dancing in the rain with your boyfriend.


You don’t mind kinky sex at all.


In the past, you have been criticized for being “too intense” but your current boyfriend appreciates the fact that you put yourself out there and express your true self.


You have a bright personality that lights up your boyfriend’s world literally every single day. You never let negativity creep into your relationships or life.


You go out of your way to smile and make your man feel better — even on his worst days. You believe emotions make you stronger, not weaker.


You want a boyfriend who will go shopping with you and help you pick out that perfect pair of new jeans.


You are the “weird girl” but your boyfriend likes you that way — not a carbon copy of other #basics.


You are convinced that you actually are a princess (and that’s how you want to be treated).


You are a sex fiend. You want there to be a TON of ridiculously dirty sex, and it’s never enough.

Falu red

Your boyfriend keeps trying to get you to go to his weird church, but you just aren’t sure…

Fern green

You really like spending time outside in nature. You’re the girlfriend that pushes her man to go on a hike with her (he wants to stay inside and watch TV).


You always know what to do in an emergency.


You are the quiet girlfriend who loves very deeply.

Forest green

You are the girlfriend who loves posting cute #dating selfies to Instagram, but also loves turning off the phone and just spending 1:1 time with the BF.

French Rose

You have expensive tastes, and your boyfriend knows it. If he isn’t willing to take you to Paris for the honeymoon, he shouldn’t bother with asking you out.


Your favorite memories in your relationship always involve the special outings you go on with just your man. The small inside jokes that ONLY the two of you share. You like feeling special to someone and making them feel special too.


You’ve been single for a long time, but when you finally date someone who will be mature enough to actually handle that relationship.


If your boyfriend wants to impress you, he only needs to get you some nice jewelry. You communicate your love through gifts, so it’s important for you to both get and give gifts.


You are always the first to apologize for your mistakes — even when problems in the relationship aren’t even your fault.


For you, the little things are important for you in relationships. You are a girlfriend who will remember every important date and event in your man’s relationship, and you always work hard to make him feel special.


You have an icy outside demeanor, but that does not reflect the true size of your heart. You are deliberate and measured, but you are also capable of very big love.

Han Purple

You want to have a beach wedding big enough for all your friends and family. Even though you take your relationship very seriously, you also value your friendships. Any man who tries to make you focus on ONLY him isn’t going to work with you.


You are the sassy girlfriend who won’t stop making fun of her boyfriend — all in love, of course.


You love isolation with your boyfriend. Weekend retreat to a cute cabin? Yes, please.

Hollywood Cerise

You asked your boyfriend out on the first date.


You are the girlfriend who stays up late with her man when he’s sick. You are the girlfriend who goes out of her way to wish him luck before a big test and root him on in everything he does.



People think you’re soft, but they’ve never seen you defend your man.


You sometimes slyly pay the bill when you go out to dinner.

Kelly green

There is something about public sex that excites you.


You go out of your way to make your boyfriend feel comfortable.


You are the “sad” girlfriend who tends to be a little pessimistic. However, you give out insane amounts of love and affection to your boyfriend.


You have a habit of saying sassy things that can sting a little too hard, but you are always good for some INTENSE makeup sex.

Lemon chiffon

You don’t mind if your boyfriend is a little jealous when you flirt with other guys. That means he still is very into you.


You just want to be cuddled to death, basically.


You have a special way of knowing just how to make your boyfriend’s day. It’s actually uncanny.


You are very soft on the outside but extremely strong and intense on the inside. You have never backed down from a fight.


You like the idea of casual dating with minimal initial commitment. You don’t like to be tied down, and you like having options and choice.


You are an introvert, but somehow always end up dating extroverted men? You are really good at being comfortable and still let your boyfriend socialize. You go with him to parties and kinda fade into the background, letting him have a great time.


You rarely fight with your boyfriend, but when you do, it is INTENSE. You are a strong woman, and you don’t easily back down.


Your boyfriend very much enjoys your dark sense of humor.


You have a way of sweet-talking your man that is unbelievable. You aren’t rattling off cheesy shit or weird pickup lines, you tell him exactly what his worth is and it makes him unbelievably happy.

Midnight Blue

You are the kind of girlfriend who is passionate about traveling with her man. It’s not enough to just have a night on the town

Mint green

You have high expectations for your relationship, but you hold yourself to the same high standards. You want a big love, and won’t settle for anything less.

Misty rose

You appreciate big romantic gestures, and you will absolutely return them! A surprise weekend retreat? Some delivered flowers? 100% yes!


You’re the girlfriend who takes care of her drunk boyfriend a little *too* often.


Myrtle girls are the girlfriends who like to wrestle their boyfriends – not in a sexy way, like in a way to show that they are always physically stronger.

Navajo white

You are constantly trying to get your overly aggressive boyfriend to find his inner zen. Hasn’t worked yet.

Navy Blue

You are a steady voice in crisis and emergencies. You define “chill” and have a collected, calm way of handling things. You never get into fights with your boyfriend because everything can always stay a discussion and not escalate.


You have a happy-go-lucky way of looking at relationships. You don’t take yourself too seriously, and just want to spend some chill time with a chill dude.


You are the deep girlfriend. You want to talk about big ideas and world issues. You expect your boyfriend to have opinions on life and politics.


Nothing makes you happier than a lazy day with your man.


You like getting a lot of attention from your man, and going a day without texting is 100% a no-go for you! You have high expectations for your boyfriend, but you have a lot to give. You are high energy and high passion for your relationships.


Your love is like a new spring day, full of new life and energy.

Papaya whip

On the outside, you are the quiet shy girl, but actually, you love BDSM.


You’re the girlfriend who goes into every relationship for forever love. You expect your love to last a thousand years.


You find hilarity in love. Even when the going gets tough with your boyfriend, who still find ways to laugh — because life is just too short otherwise.


You have a softness surrounding your love. You want relationships to be like warm sheets just out of the dryer.


You are prone to getting into fights with your boyfriend over the stupidest stuff — and you’re kinda okay with it.

Pine Green

You love winters with a boyfriend. You embrace crackling fires and late night cuddles.


You just like having your boyfriend for the #Insta photo shoots.


You are a music girl, and if your boyfriend isn’t ready to go to tons of dope concerts with you, he isn’t ready to be your S/O.


You actually don’t usually date because literally everyone is terrible.

Powder blue

You like to be babied in your relationship and taken care of. A sure way to your heart is your man cooking a nice breakfast in bed.


You don’t have time for lovey-dovey shit.

Prussian blue

You really like order in your relationships, and expect your boyfriend to abide by something resembling a routine.

Psychedelic purple

You are and your boyfriend love doing drugs together.


Okay, you admit it, you are the #basic girlfriend. Now go rope your boyfriend into picking you up a PSL from Starbucks!


You are the girlfriend who truly strives for an equal relationship with her man. You like splitting the bill and taking turns doing things. You are an A+ communicator, even talking about what things he would like different in bed. You are a true keeper, even if you are a bit hyperactive at times!

Quartz Grey

Your boyfriend said you were a little boring, so you dumped him.

Raw umber

You can beat your boyfriend in arm-wrestling.


You are the girlfriend with pizazz. You always have some hilarious joke or story to tell your boyfriend, and he gets worried when you spend too much time quiet.


You are always quick to defend your man and your relationship. You are #RelationshipGoalz, and you aren’t going to dick around with people who don’t respect you. Some people say you have a temper, but you call it confidence!

Robin egg blue

You approach relationships with caution because you’ve been hurt before, you


Your boyfriend thinks you like wine more than you like him. He might be right.

Royal blue

You ex says you were “high-maintenance” but really he was just a piece of shit.

Royal purple

You expect your boyfriend to stop communicating with all his exes and “side” girls. That’s why people call you a “crazy girlfriend” but really you just have something called “expectations.”


Your ex forgot your birthday last year, and that’s why he’s your ex.


You want to run a marathon with your boyfriend. He’s very much not convinced.


Your ideal date is just a cuddle nap.

Safety orange

You stay on the safe side in relationships. You don’t want to rush into things too fast — including with sex.


You appreciate your man a lot more after he’s bought an expensive dinner.


You date a lot of frat boys.

Sandy brown

The closest you’ve come to a relationship is some really great casual sex, and you’re like totally okay with that.


You are always pushing your boyfriend to go out and drink, even when he doesn’t want to. You’re always willing to pay for his brunch sangria or mimosa.


You refuse to get drunk in front of your boyfriend.


You think Friends with Benefits is much funner and much less complicated than romantic relationships with traditional labels.

School bus yellow

Your first sexual experience was in the back of a school bus.

Sea Green

You have a lot of intense, short-lived relationships that come and go very quickly. You enjoy the excitement of new relationships more than the long slog of established long-term ones.


You want to get married on the beach, and you’ll plan every single tiny detail because you are TOTES a dating micromanager.


You are the “boring” girlfriend, and you are 100% okay with that.

Shocking Pink

You like to say shocking things to see how your boyfriend reacts. He usually flips out, and you are very entertained.


You take relationships very seriously, which is why you can be reluctant to get involved in one. You want a strong love, and you are willing to wait for that. Once you have it, however, you are a loyal and steadfast partner who sticks with her man through thick and thin. You are always willing to forgive, but a little less willing to forget.

Sky Blue

You see your relationships as the start of something truly great. You don’t “date just to date.”

Slate grey

You’ve slapped one of your boyfriends before.


You are very focused on your career, making your romantic life take a backseat. When you are dating you refuse to let it get in the way of your job and success. Sometimes your boyfriends call you “aloof.”

Spring bud

You want very open communication in your relationship. Having a man who lies or isn’t honest is a total non-starter for you.

Spring green

You are an exceptionally forgiving girlfriend. You can look past lots of your boyfriend’s flaws to find the quality person underneath.

Steel blue

You have a lot of short-lived relationships because of your high standards. You aren’t afraid to break up if a man lets you down.


Your friends call you a “serial dater” but really you just want to settle down with a really nice guy.


You are always pushing your boyfriend to eat more fruits.


You like being treated like a princess by your man. Little gifts and signs of affection are extremely important to you.

Terra cotta

You are a girlfriend who needs space sometimes. You’re the one who takes frequent weekend trips “with the girls” and makes sure you have your own space in a relationship.


You are the girlfriend who feels very deeply. You can’t just “be chill” or brush something off. You expect your boyfriend to be considerate of your feelings.

Titanium White

You are the woman who manages to do it all. You have a great career, an extremely happy relationship, and still juggle a social life on top of that. Your boyfriend is the one who cooks dinner.


You have a very routinue sex life.


You are a bubbly girlfriend who always laughs at her man’s jokes (even when they aren’t funny).

Tyrian purple

You are an extremely ambitious dater and typically only date people more accomplished and successful than you are.


Once you start dating, you get extremely excited about life. You find new energy, and constantly want to be around your boyfriend.

Van Dyke Brown

Somehow your relationships are constantly boring?


You are the girlfriend who actively defends her boyfriend from other people who might want to start rumors or stupid drama.


You are the woman who has been let down in many relationships, but regardless keeps trying to date anyway. Your heart is ginger and sore as you process your disappointments. But when you finally find someone who treats you right, you thrive in a relationship of mutual respect and love.


Your boyfriend often has to stop you to ask you for the definitions of some words you’re using.


You’re part of the most boring couple in history, but you make each other happy!



You aren’t afraid of blending in. Once you and your boyfriend start dating, you essentially become one and the same. You are never apart, and do absolutely everything together. Sometimes your friends give you shit for this, but oh well — you’re happy!


You’ve been skydiving with your boyfriend before (he didn’t want to go).


You are constantly stuck in this “on again, off again” relationship with a guy who never commits.


You are the girlfriend who is true #RelationshipGoals. You look after your boyfriend, and are always around to cheer him up.


You have an absurd sense of humor that makes no sense to anbody except your boyfriend.