45 Women Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

By: Lorenzo Jensen III

1. He’d tell me he wanted to fuck my skull.

“Not necessarily an ex, but someone who I had a casual relationship with. I ended it for good when he began to notice I was trying to drift from him. He’d tell he wanted to fuck my skull, that it turned him on to see how I’d look in a coffin, and that he

wanted to fuck one of my sisters friends while making eye contact with me. It was just bizarre. I ended up having to block him off everything.”


2. He decided I’d ‘been possessed by demons.’

“Packed up our tent and took all our stuff away to who knows where (while I was elsewhere watching a band—which was pre-arranged) the first night of Glastonbury festival—because he decided I’d ‘been possessed by demons’. He ‘thoughtfully’ left my sleeping bag out in the open for me though…

Hurrah for the Krishnas who gave me safe shelter for the next few nights.”


3. He left a dead rose in my mailbox after calling my house about 100 times.

“Left a dead rose in my mailbox after calling my house about 100 times. Called later and asked if I liked my “present” and told me that’s how he feels without me, dead and withered. Somehow, I was not moved to take him back.”


4. He attempted to kill me.

“My ex flipped out for seemingly no reason (but now that I look back, I think he knew I was about to break up with him) and he attempted to kill me. Stole my car with me in it and said “I’m going to fucking kill you” then purposely crashed into a pole at high speeds. Almost did kill me, too. I’m recovered now, mostly.”


5. He tried to run me over with his mom’s truck.

“Broke into my house when I still lived with my mom and brother and grandma. Started slamming his fists on the bathroom door, because I was showering. Asked about drugs through the door, yelled back asking him to wait in the driveway.

Went out in driveway in a towel to see what he wanted. Told him sorry, but I didn’t know where to find any drugs. He tried to run me over with his mom’s truck, I hopped up on a 2′ rock wall to escape.

On the flip side, another crazy ex jumped on the hood of my car barefoot in his pajamas, weeping, in the pouring rain to stop me from leaving him. I just kept driving anyways.”


6. He once strangled me to show me how easily he could kill me.

“He once strangled me to show me how easily he could kill me. He took pictures of me in compromising positions and used them as blackmail. He would hurt me but never in ways that would leave marks. He made sure I knew I was never good enough. He forced me to do things, sexually, that I wasn’t ready to do. When I tried to break up with him he sent me pictures of mutilated animals and destroyed the gifts I had ever given him.

It started when I was 14. It ended with police intervention when I was 17.”


7. He tried choking my dog to death.

“Ex with major anger issues would take out his rage with daily life on our dog, then me when I intervened, then himself. Once on an out of town trip, I confronted him about his abuse and he literally beat his own face bloody while we were driving home.

The next day, I was leaving to go back to college (3.5 hours away), I tried to sneak myself and our pup out. He caught me, threw and choked the dog until I pulled him off, then he did the same to me. In broad daylight. Outside. While his friends watched and refused to intervene. I took the dog and bolted, while he chased us and pounded dents into my new-ish car for an entire block.

I ended up hiding the dog in my dorm room for about a month until I found a friend willing to take him, but it was worth it. Pupper is now living happily in SC with lots of visits to the beach and a seriously devoted owner.

Five years later, crazy ex still texts asking if he should kill himself because he ‘knows he’ll never be able to stop being the way that he is.’ I never reply.”


8. Masturbated on my sheets because they smelled like me.

“Broke into my house left an engagement ring on my bed and a note saying how he’d masturbated in my sheets because they smelled like me. This was all after I broke up with him.”


9. Eleven years later, he still calls my parents and grandparents trying to get my phone number.

“Eleven years later, he still calls my parents and grandparents trying to get my phone number. We only dated two months.”


10. He bought the house across the street from me, and would tap on my window at 3-4 am every morning.

“Multiple, brief stories about the same guy.

We were off and on for 5 years. After him becoming super controlling for the last year, going through my phone, following me to work and school to see if I was actually there, so on, he broke up with me, and I realized enough was enough and I wouldn’t take him back. I started dating my best friend shortly after. The following transpired from the day we broke up, until now. It’s been 5 years.

1) Shows up at my at the time boyfriend’s house, peeks in through the windows of all the rooms including my boyfriend’s 3-year-old’s room looking for me. Used to drive by late at night, park his car a street over to watch for me.

2) Left a bag full of condoms and sex toys (not mine) on boyfriend’s front step with a note saying

Have fun with your whore.’

3) Posted my nudes and Facebook profile link with my phone number on 4Chan.

4) Bought the house across the street from me, and would tap on my window at 3-4 am every morning.

5) I was sitting outside my house with a friend and he showed up at the driver side window waving a gun around threatening to shoot us.

6) Showed up at my house with a gun and said he was going to kill me and then himself.

7) I finally had him baker acted and he TALKED HIMSELF OUT OF IT. And then called me to come get him.

8) Would send me videos of him cutting his wrist.

9) Still randomly calls me confessing his love for me and says if he doesn’t wake up to me in 10 years he’s going to kill himself.

10) Harasses my friends when he sees them in public asking them to talk to me and convince me he loves me.

He’s married and has two kids. I’ll never be free.”


13. He stole the remote to my family’s front gate so he had access to my house at all times.

“He stole my car keys and I believed I lost them. The first time I got back to my car from a movie with him while on a date. He had left for about 20 minutes twice during the movie. He ran off as soon as the movie was over and I got back and it was parked in a different spot, smelled like cigarettes and there were other people’s clothes in it. I was so shocked I drove home and was too scared to tell my parents because I wasn’t supposed to be at the movies. It was so unbelievable I didn’t know what to say or do.

The second time it happened, I asked him if I could park in his driveway because he lived right by my school and I had lost my parking privileges at the school and he was the only person I knew so close to campus. I got back from class and my car smelled like weed, all the gas was gone, seat was moved. I called the cops and he told them that I gave him permission. His word against mine so they dropped it. He ended up going to jail for robbing an ATM not long after.

He stole the remote to my family’s front gate so he had access to my house at all times. We had to get an expensive security panel installed after that.

Once I told him I was leaving my house to get coffee with my friend. I’d forgotten something so we drove back and I saw him walking towards my house with a duffel bag and someone I’d never seen before.

The cops told me that they were very familiar with him and that he was a sociopath. I had to change my phone number and was terrified for months that I would run into him again.

This is all the same person.”


14. He called me ten times an hour on average.

“While he and I were together, back in 2007-2007, he manipulated me into thinking that I wasn’t worth much without him. Every chance he had, he brought me down a peg or two. Basically taught me that my opinion didn’t matter to him and he was clearly the man in charge.

After a breakup (together for a little less than 1 year), he called me constantly from the bars, seriously about 10 calls an hour he averaged. If I didn’t pick up, he’d call repeated until I did, and leave voicemails. He would say things like ‘I’m so much happier without you!’ while on the phone with me. Or he’d call and ask me to get back together with him, I said no each time.

The final straw was after the break up, he still had stuff at my apartment, which was in a gated community. I was going to drop it off at his friend’s house later the next day. He showed up at the complex, stood outside my window for idk how long and proceeded to call me at about 12:30am, I am dead asleep. The call wakes me up, I naively let him in to get his stuff, he didn’t leave right away. Insisted on attempting to get back with him. He tried for an hour, I stayed my ground and said no. Once he realized he wasn’t going to get me back, he stormed out.

The next day I got a message over Facebook saying that I should get tested because he slept with any girl who would have him while he and I were together (I’m clean and have been since). I still have the message from him to remind me of he tried to come back in my life, don’t let him.

I changed my phone number a few days later because the calls wouldn’t stop, deleted and blocked him off of Facebook, unfriended his friends and family.

I recently found out he has sent me some messages over Facebook trying to find out how I am. I responded very harshly and said basically I am not interested in having you in my life, don’t contact me again. Then I blocked that account he used.”


15. When I tried to leave he barred the door and started cutting himself with a knife saying he would kill himself if I left.

“Late to the party but here’s a short list of the insane things my ex did

-physically assaulted me numerous times, when I tried to leave he barred the door and started cutting himself with a knife saying he would kill himself if I left. I socked him in the jaw to get him out of the way (broke his nose, it shocked him and I managed to escape). I then ran down the street and hid, called my dad to come get me, and then called the crisis mental health unit and had my BF sectioned. He escaped the hospital and walked around 20km to come find me.

-when I broke up with him and sought refuge at my parents’ house, ex would call me relentlessly….as in, non stop 24/7 until I picked up. This was before iPhones so it was a little harder to block a number. I would answer, hit mute and record at the same time, and he would just rant and rave non-stop. I ended up showing these recordings to the police.

-he kept sending me messages saying he needed to see me and that he was coming over. I ignored him. The following morning at about 5am, my dad couldn’t sleep and went downstairs for a smoke- to find my ex drunk and asleep in the bushes outside.

-one day, a friend of my ex’s called me in a panic saying he had called the police to my house and to lock the doors. My ex had told his friend that he was going to kill me and had set out with a knife.

-this all went down about 5 years ago, but every 6 months on the day he finds a way to send me a message, usually just “you’ll never know who I am but you’re a terrible evil person” type stuff.

-he did all of these things to multiple other women. We have a Facebook group to warn each other if he ever makes contact.”