True Story: I am asking for help on what to do.

This story is true, and I am asking you for help on what to do. It is very heartbreaking just to read, so you cannot imagine what it is like to live it. I am 15 years old, and  in high school. I met a BEAUTIFUL girl, Katie. We became really good friends. The first time she hurt me was when we had planned to go

hang out at the pool. She was grounded but she promised as soon as she got ungrounded we would go to the pool. I anxiously waited until she was ungrounded, when I texted her to meet me at the pool and she just ignored my texts for the whole day. I looked on facebook and she had posted pictures of her with some other guy she went to the pool with. I was really upset. But she felt so bad and I know she did, and she apologized. I said it was okay. And by the way, I haven’t had a girlfriend, or even talked to a girl in 3 years.. So you can’t even imagine how nicely I treated Katie. I was always there for her when she was upset, and I always helped her with her problems. Now after about 3 months of talking, I asked her out. She said she wanted to get to know each other better. Which is understandable. But then, a few weeks later, she started dating some one a day after meeting them. I didn’t know it at the time that they just met. She didn’t even tell me. I saw the relationship status on facebook and my heart just dropped. I was so upset. I asked her, “You have a boyfriend now?” And she said, “We aren’t really dating. We just changed our relationship status’s to make his ex girlfriend jealous. We are going to change it when they fix whatever.” and I said “Ohhh ok.” Then, after some time I noticed they were talking.. As if they were really dating.. Then I asked her if what she told me was true and she said “That’s what he told me.” Then later, she tells me how Jake (her boyfriend) is treating her. And it was HORRIBLE. He would be so mean to her and start shit. I asked her why she was still dating him and she said “Everyone wanted him. And when this cute guy came up to me I felt special, like I had something better than them.” We were skyping when she was telling me this and she was crying. I understood how she felt in that moment. I forgave her. The next day she told me Jake was already talking about sex after a month of dating. She said she didn’t know what to do. I told her just don’t do it until you are ready, not when he is ready. Later, she told me that she was having serious problems.. Like smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. She was scared to tell me because she didn’t want me to leave her and think bad of her. I told her I was happy she told me. I explained I used to smoke marijuana, but never drank. I told her my brother has a messed up life because he kept smoking weed and getting caught by police. I told her that if she is EVER around that stuff, then to call/text me and I will stop whatever it is that I am doing, it didn’t matter if it was during a family dinner, 2:00 A.M., or some other important event, and go to where ever she was and talk to her in person and try to convince her to leave. She thanked me, and told me that what I told her meant a lot to her. But, every time she was around that stuff she never called me or texted me.. Soon after, I asked her to homecoming and she said yes! But then a week before homecomming she backed out.. Then a while later, we went to a St. Edmonds football game, where it was the first time in FOREVER that we hung out in person. I was so excited! We knew NOBODY there because it was a different school, and the only person she knew was from Pocahontas Iowa, and he was sitting on the other side. We went over there to sit with him. This dude was a fucking prick. He was talking so much shit to me because he was jealous of the fact that I was with Katie. Pfft, I didn’t care lmao. But then, Katie was texting him that she wanted me to leave. He said something to me but I didn’t believe him because I would never expect her to say that. Not only that but he was jealous and was talking shit. She said that wasn’t true. Then about an hour later me and this kid almost got into a fight and Katie just walked away. Then he showed me the texts that Katie sent me. It was true….. I walked over to where Katie was and told her I saw the texts, and I didn’t know she felt that way. She said “I’m just going to go home..” I said, “Yeah… same here… Sorry for wasting your time..” Then she said “I’m so sorry..” I said “yeah…” Then later that night I told my friend what happened, because he had warned me something would happen. And he freaked out on her, and she was crying. I was too.. I don’t like to see her cry, so I told her it was okay and that everyone makes mistakes. Some time later, I wanted to get her a gift.. Just because.. I wanted to get her a puppy. I was saving up $200 to buy her one. I found one that I liked and sent a picture to her. I was going to ask her parents for permission if she wanted the puppy. But, she said she didn’t deserve the puppy because she has been mean to me. I told her “I don’t care! Well. I do. buuuuuuuut oh well! 🙂 “A little later, she was telling me how Jake was treating her like shit again. I asked her why she is STILL dating him. She said “Idk..” I said “Are you just saying that or do you really not know?” Then she said, “I just want a long relationship! I’ve dated 38 guys and none of them have made it past 3 months! I know me and Jake fight a lot but that’s part of relationships! It’s just a part of life to see if your relationships were really meant to be if you can get through them!” Then I said, “I have dated 9 girls and none of them have made it past 2 months.. I want the same thing you do..” Then she said these heartbreaking words, “well im sorry nick! you want the truth???? honestly i cant see myself dating you. I’m not your type. Im a bad person who does bad things. And I just cant see myself getting serious with you. I am just soo lucky to have you as a friend… Your the best guy friend that i always wanted! You are soo sweet and everything a girl could ask for! But I don’t wanna change you. I don’t wanna mess up what we have..” Then I said “If you weren’t my type then I wouldn’t be doing this..” Then she said “Well” Then I said “Yeah..” And that was it. The next night she texted me saying “Me and Jake broke up…” I said “Oh my god!! Im sooo sorry..!” I was happy that they broke up but I felt bad for her because she was just talking about wanting a long lasting relationship with him. Then she said “But we got back together somehow..” Then I said, “Wait what?” She was toying with me :/… And that was it… What do I do????? What would you do? Im so confused.