This Is How You Know He’s Actually Worth The Effort

By: Holly Riordan

He’s worth the effort when he puts in just as much effort as you do. When he spontaneously decides to take you apple picking, because he knows that you’ve been dying to try it. When he shows up at your house with a surprise present, even though there aren’t any holidays coming up. When he makes you moan so loudly in bed that the neighbors overhear.

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Read This If You’ve Ever Fallen In Love With A Narcissist

By Neil Rosenthal

People who fall in love with a narcissist sometimes look to take care of others more than they look to take care of themselves. Anyone who has ever had a relationship with a narcissist knows how easy it is to become the person giving and giving and giving without end. We pay attention to what our narcissist partner needs because we love him or her, but often when we do this we become accomplices to increased levels of selfishness.

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12 Micro Signs You’re Dating A Guy Who’s Worth Holding Onto

By: Jessica Winters


You have the best friends in the world, which means they love you and have your back at all times. Over the years, they’ve saved you from many a jerk. They’ve picked you up, cleaned you off, and kept you moving forward. And not only are you unafraid of talking to them about this new guy, you can’t shut the hell up about him!

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